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Did you do anything fun today?

The team played a pretty important soccer match today. Shun was in the crowd supporting me which was nice. We won 3-1 so everyone wanted to celebrate with pizza and I decided to take Shun with me.

Sort of, my sister was visiting and needed help shopping for her boyfriend, our brother and our mom and ofc decided I was the best help option. Turned out to be more fun that I thought it'd be, kind of made me realize how much I actually do miss her.

I finished a good book, so that was nice, it's been awhile since I had time to read fictional literature

Well, I thought up a new dance routine, it was fun making, but can't wait to test it out with an audience~ ^^

Well Hyoga and I saw a scary movie, that movie was way too scary to be fun. But afterwards we got ice cream!

Took Seiya to see a horror movie. Never again, he was clinging to me like a scaredy cat.

Not really, however I DID take some awesome pics for the club... nevermind, it was super fun! x'D

Yes! I stayed after school to watch my brother play soccer. The school team won <3 Ikki is the greatest!

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