James Northern

All tangled and messy. That's how we've been and we'll always be.

Manhattan, NY.
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Inquisitiveness won't harm the feline


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Yovee · 10 answers · 5mo

Kalian bisa bahasa apa? (Dan pengen belajar bahasa apa?)
*boleh bahasa daerah atau international!!

I can speak english fluenty, Javanese fluenty, and bit mandarin (basic). Masih pingin belajar korean atau mendalami mandarin lagi.

cyaa. · 10 answers · 6mo

happy friday, besok sabtu waktunya untuk leha leha

Yovee · 6 answers · 7mo


moya 🩰 · 13 answers · 7mo

kamu kalau lagi suka seseorang biasanya secara brutal ugal ugalan atau pelan pelan take it slow?

Haru · 15 answers · 7mo

What's a really popular song that (sadly) didn't match your taste in music?

anonymous · 7mo

James, Alana pacar kamu ya? jangan dishare ke tl ya aku cuma pingin tau

Julius. · 18 answers · 7mo

How was your September so far?

anonymous · 7mo

James boleh gak aku naksir kamu? Tapi km cuek mampuy huhu gak jadi deh

anonymous · 8mo

can i like you?

Adika Bhanu. · 27 answers · 8mo

Do you think 3 is enough?
4. Your mom's smile;
5. Your best friends' laugh;
6. Your little cousins, nephews, nieces that look up to you;
7. The feeling of the sun against your face;
8. Hearing the words, “I love you”;
9. The feeling you get before a holiday;
10. Birthdays;
11. Quiet late night drives;
12. Missed opportunities and adventures;
13. The feeling of lying in bed after a long work;
14. Long hot showers;
I could tell you more, but the most important is—you are worth more than what you think.

Adika thank you so much for this kind of positive words to me, I hope you're also think how worth you're.

Alana Nathalia. · 13 answers · 8mo

Good evening, beautiful. Just a quick interest check, what's your favorite color and why?

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