Nathanael Isaac · 13 answers · 1y

So, would you like to rate ur Tuesday? Is it all going well?

Kalau dijawab sekarang basi ya.. Tapi hari Jumatku.. Well, biasa aja. Nothing’s special yang spesial cuma doi. ☝️🏻

Kinda forget how my Tuesday going but I’m sure it well went since these months I spent my days very well. May you treated well also!

Rate kemaren 8/10 walau lembur tapi seru soalnya makan makan enak selesai lemburnya.

Although the day already passed, but I’d like to give it a 8/10 since things are going well and I enjoyed every single thing that happened yesterday. Abang gimana?

8/10 kali ya. I ate good foods, drink good coffee, dapet space yg gue butuhkan, dan lumayan produktif juga. How about you?

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