A. Malik
Seattle, WA.
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Andromeda · 7 answers · 1d

What is that one song you unconsciously or purposely play when you feel like you are in love or perhaps.. have a crush on someone?

── 🝳 · 16 answers · 10d

kalo gak jadi manusia kamu pengen jadi apa? kenapa milih jadi itu?

Jadi Naga. No job, no expectations, no responsibilities. Just flying and spitting fire.

Sh. · 3 answers · 27d

Is there anything that pops up in your mind when you see the moon?

── 🝳 · 13 answers · 22d

kamu memaafkan kesalahan yang paling bikin kamu ngerasa sakit itu apa enggak?

── 🝳 · 13 answers · 12d

What was the reason that made you cry yesterday?

Andromeda · 8 answers · 17d

How do you know a person is not simply bad but instead situations had made them to act or behave that way?

I always make it a point to not judge someone immediately. To figure this out, I'll look at the bigger picture and see how consistently they act like that.

Sometimes, people have no choice but to do something wrong, and it might be their first time. I won't call them bad; even though what they did isn't right, I can understand why they did it.

Sh. · 7 answers · 27d

If you have the chance to runaway to another country tonight, what country would you choose in a heartbeat?

Alrik · 6 answers · 28d

Drop a song, could be anything, and please tell me why you dropped that one.

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