Moonlight's broken melodies.

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June · 20d

I love you, miss girlfriend.

curio-catto · 1mo

Be happy kakak

khaleo · 1mo

Ayin gimana harinya?

Hehe sebenernya dibilang baik pun enggak, tapi yang buruk banget juga enggak, maybe just in between?

curio-catto · 1mo

Kak kamu udah tidur berapa jam hari ini?

curio-catto · 3mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

curio-catto · 3mo

Kenalin dong sama temenmu yang rp Ningning.

curio-catto · 4mo

Spill tipe ideal km

curio-catto · 4mo

Dd pernah gak lagi diem terus tiba tiba

Pernah, abg pernah gak lagi mau sikat gigi tapi bukannya buka odol malah buka sabun muka

curio-catto · 4mo

How's your day? Tmi hari ini apa aja?

My day went pretty well! Thank you for asking by the way. As for today's TMI, aku berhasil gak mainin Stardew Valley hari ini padahal rencananya mau nikahin cowok pilihanku 😔 terus abis bikin plot buat mission RP yang ngerjainnya ngebut banget macem bikin candi, and I must say I'm happy with the result!

Audinne. · 11 answers · 4mo

how do you deal with the break-up phase?

It depends on what kind of break-up phase that I'm facing right now, but mostly I just go into vanish mode and no one can reach me out

ares · 6mo

Ini cara mainnya gimana sih?

Nadine · 80 answers · 7mo

Kalian beli paketan internet berapa gb yang bener-bener pas untuk sebulan?

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