Kaleah Annora · 11 answers · 1y

When you feel drained or burnout, what do you do to overcome it?

kalau bisa hadapin sendiri ya bakal validasi perasaan dengan nangis dulu sampai capek. terus kalau gak bisa, cerita ke temen. kalau gak bisa lagi, ke psikolog/psikiater.

I will cut interactions as possible first then bear it with myself. energy-drained not only affect social life but also mentality. I know this since I drained easily and need to maintain it best every day. not easy to finally know what to do when I'm at it but now I'm proud as I get to know myself better

I usually take a break from life, like, I just isolate myself from everything and shut down for a moment. But lately, isolating myself doesn't sound like a best idea so my alternative is reading a book!

I usually just go out with my friends to eat good food or getting some sleep? I think that work for me best. But everyone has their own approach in this. Do whatever makes you happy. 👍

Biasanya nangis sambil denger lagu, main game sampai gila, atau me time. Kalau udah parah banget tidur aja terus.

If i want, i would talk with somebody, or just sleep, maybe take my time alone, take a deep breathe then talking to myself

I will give time to be alone and quiet until it calms down or i sleep, but Ketika if I'm really that tired, I'll listen to music until I cry, until i can sleep

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