Parisa Moon · 9 answers · 8mo

If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

um i think i would write about esoteric things or theories that are rarely exposed. but maybe the first thing i’ll write about is dark feminine... or literature which upholds female values

there are many interesting topics around me that I could write about, but maybe I will write about a "missing" father.

About my journey, especially my childhood. There will be more pages about my childhood than my teenage.

I think the genre would be fantasy and survival. The trope consist of major character death—almost no romance. The ending, you would guess, it would be fun.

Oh, this is an interesting question. Considering how I'm a hard simp on the genre, I'd probably write about romance. I wouldn't want any unwanted third parties involved, so I suppose I'd just have it focused more on how two individuals grow and learn to understand one another. Just a sappy, lovestruck, hurt-comfort type of book, I guess—now this is just me describing a book I want to read, gee.

Sebenarnya udah banyak banget di pasaran. Tapi akan nulis tentang perselingkuhan yang akan ambil dua sisi, dan kasih tau gimana tanda tanda orang selingkuh kayak gimana

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