Adika Bhanu.

“Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than fidelity. Faithfulness and truth are the most sacred excellences and endowments of the human mind.” - Cicero

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𝓢. asked 17 days ago · 7 answers

Kalian seneng gak mutualan sama aku?

We didn't really know each other but I welcome and happy to talk with my mutuals!

Naura asked 17 days ago · 15 answers

what is love?

Love is where you can and would do anything for someone or certain people no matter the situation. You can always try for them.

Marie Laishel. asked 19 days ago · 22 answers

drop your kasmaran song dong, hehe? :3

Miyii asked 19 days ago · 9 answers

Do you consider telling white lies to be okay?

Revanzio. asked 19 days ago · 10 answers

May I ask you a random question: If you could travel back in time, what era would you visit?

Hesa asked 19 days ago · 4 answers

Ada yang udah coba menu barunya janji jiwa yang gadis kretek? Yang udah coba review dong.

Ethan. asked 20 days ago · 6 answers

Top 3 makanan favorit kalian apa guys?

  1. Nasi goreng
  2. Makanan yang ada keju
  3. Makanan yang ada ayam goreng
Ellison asked 20 days ago · 13 answers

Kalian lebih suka panas sebulan penuh atau hujan deres sebulan penuh?

Naura asked 21 days ago · 19 answers

biasanya kalau kalian lagi galau gitu ngapain?

Biasanya ngapain ya. Nggak terlalu dipikirin kayaknya terus lanjutin kegiatan lain.

Hesa asked 21 days ago · 4 answers

What is your first impression about me?

Hesa asked 21 days ago · 6 answers

Ditemoat kalian udah hujan belum? Atau masih panas terus?

Udah beberapa kali hujan di sini cuma hari-hari yang lain panas.

MC! asked 22 days ago · 33 answers

Kamu pernah jajan cireng / sosis solo / frozen food lain di shopee ga? Saran ke aku toko yang makanannya enak dooong :D

MC! asked 23 days ago · 61 answers

Enakan pake sepatu atau sendal kalo hangout?

MC! asked 23 days ago · 51 answers

Pernah ga ngerasa nyesel ga beli sesuatu pas barangnya udah sold out?

Kayaknya nggak pernah, cuma pernahnya mau pesan makanan online tetapi kelamaan milih eh tutup.

MC! asked 23 days ago · 59 answers

Kalo lagi hujan enaknya makan apa?

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