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Benjamin · 4 answers · 2mo

apa kabarnya teman-teman

Benjamin · 4 answers · 2mo

apa kabarnya teman-teman

Seth. · 10 answers · 2mo

while I can hardly find one, would you tell me about a meaningful thing, a reason for you to keep holding on until today?

There's nothing meaningful anymore for me, I'm just planning to live until I graduated from college. But as long as you have someone you dearly care about, live for them.

Dear Anonymous · 4mo

Mending lo cepetan mati

Seth. · 22 answers · 4mo

What flower do you associate yourself with?

Dear Anonymous · 4mo

Hey, it's really been a while. How are you lately? You really kept your promise about coming for birthdays hahaha I do really appreciate it, thank you so much. I hope you'll always be happy this year, though it's late, Happy New Year! May God bless you.

Auriga. · 9 answers · 4mo

cara pdkt sama orang gimana sih klo kalian? gua lupa cara pdkt yang baik dan benar bjir

Dear Anonymous · 4mo

mukamu kayak kontol

Dear Anonymous · 5mo

I kinda wanna have an intercourse with you. Feeling that big veiny of yours inside of me while you pull my hair, telling me to take it all

Dear Anonymous · 5mo

hey, my friend just open for fwa and he's been have interest on you. do you want to apply?

I'm very much grateful for the offer. If it's possible, I'd be delighted if there's an option for friendship on the table.

Seth. · 11 answers · 5mo

any tmi for today?

Miles. · 3 answers · 5mo

Happy new year, everyone! Do you have any wishes or upcoming wishlist and resolutions for 2024? It doesn’t have to be that specific but I’d be glad to know. :)

Dear Anonymous · 5mo

hows your day

Good, I suppose. Gonna drop TMIs I finally sat on the dining table and ate breakfast there. My cat ate on the floor beside me as I was eating with music in the background since I was alone. At the afternoon I cooked some beef that I marinated for a day, it tasted pretty nice. Nothing's new after that.

ᡣ𐭩 · 7 answers · 6mo

My dearest buddies, Merry Christmas. May your life filled with joy and blessing all the time. God bless you. Bianca loves yoou. ♥︎

Dear Anonymous · 6mo

Hello, MJ! Actually I have something to say.

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