Saori Kido asked about 6 years ago · 26 answers

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you recently?

Almost getting caught acquiring something I'd been eyeing because I forgot to either turn my phone off or leave it at home...

Aphrodite caused a scene at a restaurant we were in, but what else is new? <__<

Well, Misty pushed me so I dropped my lunch on the ground and had to ask for more :(

(W) Um... I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings so somehow almost ended up falling outside a window ^^; (B) Well, I tried to sneak off after a one night stand and couldn't find my panties. I really didn't want to leave them so I basically ended up turning the room inside out only to realize they were actually not even in the room... uh, found them in the hall on my way out oh and yes, I did end up waking her while I looked... <_<;

Uh, Idfk, don't really understrand what's supposed to be embarrassing in your society even after all these years xD

Heh, nothing because I don't really think embarrassment is worth the hassle, I have other things to do.

Aderyn finding out I slept with Hyoga, god knows I will never live it down, especially since Kirsi is helping... <////<

Uh.. maybe when I accidentally walked into the school pool while attempting to read a book for litteratur class..?

Uh.. I was distracted recently and might have... missed my mouth when I was eating...

Hmm... I couldn't say, I've been too busy studying... but I do believe Chen mentioned I put my dress on backwards once or twice.. or trice.. or such...

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