Saori Kido asked over 4 years ago · 15 answers

Who did you lose your virginity to?

My first and last girlfriend, Ana. I'd say she made me realize I didn't care much for girls in that sense... ^^;

My second serious girlfriend, Helena, too bad it didn't work out, really liked her, and somehow I just know it's my brother fault, probably creeped her out... <_<

It was this older girl called Chloe, was definitely a fun experience! Oh, and if you want to know the first boy I slept with it was it was a dude called Isaak, no, not our Isaak but hey, I would still fuck him if he'd let me~ ;)

Ulf.. Ulrick… Ulfrick.. urgh, whatever something like that, I can never remember... xD

Seiya... Wasn't really worth it, I just said if he had sex with me I would do his math homework for him

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