Saori Kido asked over 4 years ago · 11 answers

Is your worst kiss still the same and why?

No, but I will go with Aphrodite now because I don't know what the fuck I was thinking

No, after talking with my brother I finally realised what a douchebag Ian was. So it is definitely him...

I mean, still haven't had a terrible kiss, but I guess the price goes to Koga, still has much to learn, but we're working on it I suppose.

I wouldn't really say I had a worst kiss, because everyone I have kissed I felt something for. I would say I deeply regret having hurt Adrian, however. And maybe the Phoenix saint too... Maybe.

Hmm... I guess it was the first girl I ever kissed, Sophie, because she was so scared and stiff the whole time as she was worried someone would catch us... <_<

Yup, R.I.P. random dude who's name I forgot, but your shitty kiss will never, ever die as long I live. looool

I still feel like the way I acted with Shun was a mistake, we had no desire for each other and were just being really dumb. I feel horrible for Ikki knowing how he has felt about Shun forever even though I still dont approve of their relationship

I mean, I guess I have to say Eirian, was nothing really wrong with them, I just didn't really want to be kissing him at all... Sorry about that, man.

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