Saori Kido asked almost 6 years ago · 37 answers

How do you normally get punished (or if you're an adult, how were you?) ie being grounding, having stuff taken away, being spanked, etc

Depends how bad I quote unquote had been, but usually it was just being grounded with no electronics for a few days or weeks, dad sure could yell though... lol

I never was because I always blamed it on Aiolos and guess what? They always believe me snorts

Honestly don't think they ever made me do anything because I never got caught doing anything too bad (also helped being a prodigy in magic ;p ) lol

My parents never really did anything the couple times I did get in trouble, just told me not to do it again ^^

(W) Generally my parents just said I couldn't have any sweets for long periods of time or make me take my sister's share of our chores for a few days or weeks depending on what I had done ;__; (B) Never gets punished because I never get caught~<3

Urgh, first I'll get about a 2 hour lecture of why what I did was wrong (and for anyone thinking I'm exaggerating, I HAVE timed it), then my mom (and siblings if they are around) will take away all my art supplies and store them away for as long as the punishment is for. And then usually I'm grounded with a no TV, no games, no computer and no friends policy.

I wouldn't know, I'd never do anything stupid enough to get punished... or well, at least I'd made sure to never get caught doing it-smirks-

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