Finch Walker

饾棟饾椉饾槀饾椏饾椈饾棽饾槅 come to sight where a piece of memoir glanced off through the wind, written by the lad.

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# 22 answers 1y

How's life, everyone?

Mice. 32 answers 1y

Kasih aku lagu galau andalanmu dong?

anna 23 answers 1y

recommend me some of your favourite youtube channel dong

Tasha. 8 answers 1y

I need new songs recommendation, pals. So tell me, what's your current fave songs?

clauraa 19 answers 1y

aku pen watch a movies or anime tapi ga tau apaaaaa. Soooo can u give me some recommendation ???

K. 28 answers 1y

guys, can you recommend me a song that can i play while nugas? (tired)

饟儬 Yves. 7 answers 1y

Good eve sweet souls 鈾 have you guys eat some delicious dinner?

VALENTINA. 36 answers 1y

It鈥檚 been a pleasure to have you here as my Retrospring friends! But, I realised that some of you are not my Twitter mutuals, so... wanna be my friends on Twitter, too? No pressure, I accept a 鈥榥o鈥 too!

Abil 30 answers 1y

mind to tell me how鈥檚 your 鈥渄ream date鈥 looks like?

It鈥檒l looks like I always asking they to playing some games or do thing I like (I still need their consent tho) and netflix with hugging or kissing each other. How鈥檚 yours?

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