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How do you guys cope with heartbreak?

cry my heart out and accept the fact that im going through a heartbreak and im sad instead of shrugging it off and forcing myself to be happy. back then i only cried for two days and after that i was able to get back on my feet like nothing's wrong 🤷‍♀️ life has been good (even better) ever since.

The wounds will heal over time, in the meantime let myself be consumed by busyness, watching movies, and also think about how the World will really wanna see me cry, proving the World wrong about my perfect standards. That's how I get going and get me outta my blues.

I cry myself to sleep pr simply doing things that i enjoy, for example watching horror movies and hanging out with my friends, so i'll forgot about the heartbreak...

feels my pain. dipuas-puasin nangis dan sedihnya, sakitnya pokonya dirasain sampe ngerasa—seenggaknya kamu sadar, kalau kamu tuh gapapa sedih, tapi gak boleh berlarut. then i will distract my mind to do anything. grab some ice cream, chocolate or a lots of snack! dan yang pastinya punya sahabat cantik yang selalu menemani (kiww 😋🫵🏻) 😼💗

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