The spaces between us hold our secrets.

Malibu, CA
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Sweetie. · 5mo

Hey, I miss you.

Hey, sweetie! Tell me how much do you miss me? :p Thank you for missing me, anyway!

Aurora Khione · 16 answers · 7mo

do you believe in manifesting? have you ever done it?

Aurora Khione · 9 answers · 7mo

it’s been a while, how are you guys?

Sweetie. · 7mo

Hello, hello.

Sweetie. · 8mo

Are you alright, love? Life is treating you good lately? I miss you.

Hey there! I'm alright, I guess? Life has been treating me well lately, thanks for asking! How about you, sender? And anyways, who are you? Can you text me if we know each other...?

Aurora Khione · 10 answers · 9mo

hi everyone, it’s been a long time😣😣 i miss talkin’ to all of you :(( so, how’s july treat you? and how’s august so far? hope y’all have a splendid monday🩷 ✨

Heyy, love! I miss youu. July treated me pretty well and August has been going well so far, how about you? May you have blissful weekend, love.

jiwangga. · 32 answers · 9mo

apa aja hal-hal kecil yang membuat kalian bertahan?

Lily. ♡̴ · 8 answers · 9mo

Hey all. Tolong rekomenin lagu yang vibes melody-nya mirip Wave To Earth - Season atau The 1975 - Be My Mistake dong. I need some calm songs to peace my mind!

marumi · 11 answers · 9mo

guys ayo kita halu dulu, kalau dikasih kesempatan tuker tubuh sama artis mau jadi siapa? :]

marumi · 7 answers · 9mo

di tempat kalian lagi dingin banget nggak sih? 🥶

Kak, is that you? Kalo ini beneran kakak and if you really mean it about the song, just text me now. Kasih aku penjelasan or at least say something, biar aku paham. Kakak tau roomchat aku selalu terbuka, kan? I'm not gonna judge you or get mad at you or bite you, I swear.

Aurora Khione · 14 answers · 9mo

hi, i’m back! firstly first im really sorry i didn't send you guys that question again for a 6/7 days??? bcs i’ve been on a very busy week. okaay enough w the pleasantries, hey we’re already in the middle of the month. so how’s your july so far?

Hey, Gwyneth! How are youu? July has treated me well so far, how about you? I hope July makes you feel better than before. ♡

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