with love, dara

fairest one all of the stars ⭐💤

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yiya !? 🦕 · 7 answers · 10mo

what criminally underrated song is in your mind as soon as you read this? 💬🤔

strawberry soju by jesse barrera, albert posis, michael carreon. breadcrumbs by jacob lee. the way i love you by yaeow, neptune. favorite lesson by yaeow. make this moment last by jim gaven

Hanna · 6 answers · 11mo

rekomendasiin movie n nontonnya dimana

her (netflix), murder on the orient express (disney), the banshees of inisherin (disney), dead poets society (disney)

· 10mo

Hello, bubby! How’s your july so far? I hope it's as awesome as you are, yaaa! ♡

july.... treating me amqkwjwkwkwk (you are the witness) but i'm glad, when july treat me bad, i still having my closest friend around me, a good friend like youuuu. so yeah, you makes my july going better ♡

· 10mo

My beloved bubby, Dara! I hope you are always surrounded by things that make you feel lucky and happy. Aamiin. Pleaseee, stay healthy! I love you so so so muchhh. 💗

YOU ARE SUCH AN ANGEL. my prettiest baby. you are the one who makes me happy and feel so lucky by around you, cantik. i love you soooo so much, please be happy more than anyone <3

the explorer · 10mo

halo dara! kalau kamu dapat uang 10 milyar, mau dipake buat apa uangnya?

HADUH bingung banget tapi apa ya... firstly aku mau naik haji bareng keluarga (aamiin) dan sisanya i buy something that i want, my family's wishlist and many more. dan tentunya akan aku sedekahkan juga!

the explorer · 10mo

reminder buat dara: you're allowed to take your time, to grow in your own beautiful day

· 6 answers · 10mo

How do you guys cope with heartbreak?

feels my pain. dipuas-puasin nangis dan sedihnya, sakitnya pokonya dirasain sampe ngerasa—seenggaknya kamu sadar, kalau kamu tuh gapapa sedih, tapi gak boleh berlarut. then i will distract my mind to do anything. grab some ice cream, chocolate or a lots of snack! dan yang pastinya punya sahabat cantik yang selalu menemani (kiww 😋🫵🏻) 😼💗

Khalid D’Meijr. · 13 answers · 11mo

Hey, let's start a new conversation, perhaps? can you guys please suggest me some good food for today's dinner?

G. · 7 answers · 11mo

Everyone, did Tuesday treats you well? Mind to tell me about your day?

hello G! tuesday treat me well, gladly. just staying at home 🏡🏡 how about your tuesday?

Kaleandra · 11mo

Hello, I’m the sender from ssefnum. May I get your follow back, please? Thank you!

sha 🩰 · 11mo

hellow bellow dara! mind to follow me back? anw what's ur favorite song these day?

hi hoo shaa! already follow you back ;)) and my favorite songs these days was taylor swift feat more lana del rey - snow on the beach! how about youu?

Hiraéth. ֺ۪ ⭒ ݂ · 21 answers · 11mo

suggest me song about falling in love, please... :D

crush - david archuleta, to you - seventeen, just the way you are - bruno mars, the way i love you - yaeow neptune, lover - taylor swift, daylight - taylor swift

Harvey Galliard · 9 answers · 11mo

What’s your favorite TV show? Sekalian mau minta saran tontonan juga.

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