Vitor Henrique

A husky living in Babylon Gardens
currently lives in the Lindberg household

Babylon Gardens
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Hi i'm Vitor i'm a husky living in babylon gardens and well i'm open up for anyone to ask me about anything you can ask my sister too if she's around as well


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Nadia & Solar · 3mo

Hello Vitor! My name is Nadia, I don't think we have ever met before since I only moved in a few months ago. Do you like traveling? If so, is there place that you have always wanted to visit?

I don't actually travel much, I'm more of a homebody. I enjoy staying inside my home. But if there's one place I'd love to visit, it would be Japan! I would say America, but since I live there now, I thought I'd go for a different answer. Japan is just so beautiful with its cherry blossom trees, delicious-looking food (which I haven't tried), and of course, the anime culture. (don't think I'm a weirdo for liking those)

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Do you know any wild/feral animals?

Don and Howard · 8mo

Don: "What are your thoughts on history? How about technology? What's your favorite subject?"

on Historical Events? History, on the other hand, makes me tired and reminds me of how dreadful the world was back then.
On technology, I'm a bit of a hermit, so I rely on it a lot. It's remarkable what it's capable of recently, but I hope it's not used to do evil things in the future.
Finally, my favorite subjects are television shows, anime, video games, and well, geeky stuff. Sis and Fox suggested I might be excellent friends with Joey, Dallas, and Lester. Though they'll probably ask me to play D&D with them, which I'll gladly do as long as they're all having fun.

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

Hey! Name's Eira! Just curious, are there any sports or martial arts or physical activities you like?

I don't get much exercise, but I enjoy running about the home and neighborhood while singing and, occasionally, playing ball with other dogs at a park. Fox and Mimi warned me to stop rushing about and singing because the other pets would think I'm crazy, but I ignore them since it's more fun that way.

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

What is the best meal you have ever had?

What is the best meal? Well, the finest meal I've had in recent memory was the dozens of pizzas I ate with my family and another family we know of. If you're wondering what exact pizza it was, it was cheese with pepperoni carob pizza (yeah, they make those apparently) and I believe lemon flavored pizza as well.

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

Have you heard of Delusional Steve?

Delusional Steve? Oh yeah, it's that strange cat with the eyepatch. I've heard rumors that he became this way because his owners abandoned him, and he still believes they'll pick him up one day. I feel bad for him, but if he ever breaks into the house, I'll call the cops. Oh wait i live with one, so i'm save

Wildfire · 10mo

What are your thoughts on giant monster movies? Would you be interested in seeing a Kaiju in person assuming you could do it safely?

hmm not too interested in large monster movies, well if they're realistic, I'm more like the sillier and more colorful giant monster movies, and I'd be eager to witness a kaiju in person.

Almarala, Lady of Regrets · 10mo

I ask this only as curiosity, at least as far as you are concerned. What do you fear the most, Vitor Henrique?

What am I afraid of? If it's nothing serious, it's syringes, cockroaches, or any big bug in general, or losing a game I worked hard on, but if it's something serious, which I'm sure is why you asked, it's having someone be mad or extremely disappointed in me that they don't want to talk to me anymore, which is why I tend to be nervous when someone talks to me; I don't like it when people judge me too harshly.

Wildfire · 10mo

You were asking me about a chaotic Celestial earlier. Was there someone specific you were thinking of? Do you know of a Chaotic Celestial who I might need to keep an eye out for?

eh well yes kind of her name's tenshi hinanawi though she's from another world different from yours she has a cool fire sword that can cause weather changes and i bet she can at least reach your neck in how high she is and a certain shrine maiden already dealt with her years ago so don't need to worry.

Anonymous Coward · 10mo

Have you ever been hit in the face with a pie before?

no i don't think so if i recall but hey if the pie taste delicious then i almost wouldn't be mad

Don and Howard · 11mo

Don: "I asked this to someone else earlier, and I'm curious! Have you been on any interesting adventures you'd like to talk about?"

I'm not sure whether this is adventurous, but I suppose it would be my story being in Babylon Gardens and knowing everyone, especially Fox. Oh, plus my time spent researching my own dreams, which technically counts, right?

Don and Howard · 11mo

Don: "We've asked someone else this before, but do you live with any precursors?"

Howard: "By 'Precursors', we mean humans."

Don: "Right! Do you live with any humans? If so, what are they like?"

I, for one, do. Humans are nearly identical to us, but they lack fur and instead have body hair. As long as they are males, they resemble an almost furless monkey. Ladies are noticeably (and I mean noticeably) different from guys, and they (the humans) dominate practically everything in my reality since they work and buy us stuff the majority of the time. They have jobs, but it appears that pets are now getting the attention that humans do. Last but not least, some of them can be hateful, such as politicians and such, and things that happened years ago, but for the most part, they are OK.

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

What would you say your friendship with Fox is like? What is your relationship with the rest of the Lindberg household?

Well, my relationship with Fox is more than just friendship; he's very dear to me. As for the other two lindbergs, I have a decent relationship with Bill; it's almost as if I'm his pet, even though Mimi and I belong to someone else. As for Bailey, she inspires me a lot, so I look up to her as some sort of role model, but that's all.

Eira Steele · 12mo

Something of a follow up to my last question: From what you have heard of the Beacon and what's on it, what would you consider top of your list of things to try, see, or do while you are on board? What kinds of things would you hope to encounter there?

hmm, let's see, I think many of the species are there, as well as some of the technology, well, I hope there's interdimensional travel as well as live travel to distant galaxies and planets.

Almarala, Lady of Regrets · 12mo

Are you a working pet, Vitor Henrique? If you are not, do you plan to become one? Or are you more of a dependent?

I'm not a working pet, nor do I intend to be one, yet there is a part of me that wishes to work with something because of someone.

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