Daniel asked over 2 years ago · 11 answers

What's your biggest achievement?

Is it an achievement to survive great pain? Prob. not. I never wanted to achieve anything. I never knew what I wanted to become, talking about jobs. I mean really, nothing interested and interests me and every minute I had to work in the past, I didn't like it or I even hated it. I had never a good time while I worked for money or not. Always a mild form of torture. So what is there to achive? Nothing. Maybe one day I will get a job again and suffer through it. There was only a short period of time when I wanted a family because I was in love but after it was over (almost 14 years ago) this wish was erased. So it is very safe to say that I don't want to "achieve" a family. I am scared of NOT being alone in the future because people are making me sick. What are achievements of mine? To know how to play the piano a little bit? When I got my drivers licence? When I successfully finished my education? When I overcome my fear of eternal hell? (Islam can brainwash you like insane) When I finally memorized the a,b,c? When my video game collection reached 100 games? When I gave money away to a poor person the 10th time? When I learned a poem by heart? I cannot offer you much more when we are talking achievement. So, dein Kelch soll überfließen von des Nektars reinstem Tau. Ciao.

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