Daniel asked about 2 years ago · 6 answers

What do you associate with the following words: Boole, Jordan, nirwana, infrared, word, blue, pin, johnny

Boole: Boolean. Jordan: The Kingdom of. Nirwana: the song ‘Waving Past Nirvana’ which I listened to earlier. Infrared: camera. Word: truth(?). Blue: Monday. Pin: stripe. Johnny: my friend.

Boole: smart guy who can count to 1

Jordan: Air Jordans

Nirwana: is an okay band with an even more okay band shirt

infrared: lasers are awesome

word: xnopyt

blue: my feature color in my theme right now

pin: holds stuff together usually

johnny: short for "Johannes"

Boole: Boolean value/variable/type/algebra

Jordan: the Jordan river, Michael Jordan, Jordan almonds

nirwana: Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Buddhism, Wasserpistole

infrared: invisible "red" light, night vision goggles, heat signature, EM spectrum

word: byte, word, doubleword, language, lexicon, word to your mother

blue: blue light, cop support/blue lives matter, sad

pin: personal identification number, pokey thing, pinball, to pin something

johnny: johnny depp, johhny B good, here's Johnny

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