Therefore I am.

Santorini, Greece.
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Anonymous Coward · 2mo

Pph dd kangen

Dami · 3mo

Ilem, where are you? Gak kangen aku kah.

therapy · 7mo

Heh lo tuh mencerminkan cowo leo bgt! Kaya dari nafasnya aja lo leo banget sampe anjg anjgnya juga leo! FAK, kapan hdup gue stop distir cowok leo.😭

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

i sincerely apologize for my sudden appearance here, without any notice. may i know do you currently set your eyes on someone recently? :9 if this query does somehow bother you, free to not give me any certain answer! thank you for taking your time to check this one out, wil! :9

I do, on myself. But certainly, there’s also someone I’m paying close attention to

Aksa · 8mo

/ ke dapur ; ambil nanas muda ; ambil pisau ; potong kulit nanas ; potong buah ; ambil wadah ; potong kecil kecil buah ; taro di wadah ; bawa wadah ke tempat kakak ; senyum/ ini kak silahkan dimakan nanas nya minimal 3 potong ya kak ; /kasih wadah ; liat kakak makan ; senyum / "met siang dd."

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Singkong makanan sehat tapi kata dia sih mamah ya. Coba dulu aja surtini, alhamdulillah enjoy. Halo selamat siang.

Menurut gue karena singkong bukan jeruk yang dimana kita lele hidup satu garuda pancasila. Masih bisa ngelak, hm?

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Kak Iyem dah mam belum?

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

5 things you can’t live without?

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Tell me about your day.

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Sorry gw perhatiin kok makin lama lu makin caper ya? wkwk copot ava haruto lu anjir, kasian dia

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

hi.... do you perhaps currently setting your eyes on someone? :0

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

Still the sender yang invisible itu, and I'm really glad to get such nice respond from you, makasih, ya, Wil! HELP I scrolled your account once again and giggled at the hash brown tweet, all of your tweets and interactions are entertaining tbh. Let's start with a simple question, how are you doing today? I hope everything went well for you, because my day is doing so. Semangat terus kronis CAnya ya, jujur bangga dikit dengan diri sendiri karena alhamdulillah udah tobat gweh bg. 😂

Once again, I apologise for the delay in my reply. All that was my mind getting ahead of itself, and my own intrusive thoughts taking over. I resented my fyp for showing me that viral video of a hack that made people say it tasted great. I’ve been scammed. To answer your query, yes, today has been fine thus far. How about your Monday? Hei jangan gitu, ini udah seminggu lebih ca-less 😂 (boong). Jadi, kapan mau muncul?

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

Hello, Wilhelm! You might have no idea of the sender behind this message (I'm invisible :9) but after bumping into your tweets on my timeline even though we're actually not following each other, I guess you're pretty endearing and I admire you a lot.... I hope you don't mind me swapping conversation with you here before I get enough courage to reach you directly, yeah? Don't skip your meal and please take enough rest. Xx

Hi! Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. Your discovery of my tweets is very much appreciated, albeit I am wondering as to which one you have in mind. Not the hashbrown mcflurry one, I hope 😂 And thank you so much for the kind words! It means a great deal to me. Surely, I don’t mind at all. In any case, feel free to shoot me a follow and we can become fast friends whenever your mood strikes. That goes for you, too, by the way!

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