Hi there, this is another safe place for Athala Damian or Dami, which ever do you prefer. Feel free to leave behind your curiosity and ask me anything!

Seoul, South Korea.
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Kevander asked 2 months ago

Pacarku sayaaaang, ARGHHH gw Telen aja apa ya km gemes BANGET.

Apaaa sayangku cintaku, kamu main telen aja udah kayak minum obat. Aku maunya di nom-nom ma amu.

Anonymous asked 2 months ago

Hello Dami, this is a sudden confession but i like the way you're potraying your muse Doyoung! You always remind me of how cheerful he is, and i adore you a lot. Plz keep up the good work, you're so cute!!!

Hi there, anon. You should know that I can’t stop smiling from ear-to-ear after reading your message. Well, thank you so much for leaving me some good words, I’ve been away from RP, actually, but still I wanna thank you for saying so, and by this I feel much more energized to stay active. I will try my best to keep up with the good work! Once again, thank you for your kindness.

Claudette. asked 2 months ago

Kamu sayang sama aku nga

Claudette. asked 2 months ago

What’s your fav thing to see when you’re on the road?

Seringnya kalo jadi passenger bakalan tidur sih di jalan WKWKWKWK. Tapi aku suka lihat gedung-gedung tinggi!

Claudette. asked 2 months ago

3 words that describe yourself in general dong baby

Kevander asked 2 months ago · 6 answers

What's your childhood dream?

Kevander asked 2 months ago · 6 answers

What is something you wish you had known before growing up?

Really, a question worth to ponder. Thank you for asking me this! Hmmm, a part of growing up I wish I had known before is I am not only growing up physically, but also mentally, both of which can’t be stopped, and I have to find a way to deal with its hardships, such as understanding the importance of responsibility, and somehow it is truly something crucial. I should learn to take ownership of my actions and decisions as well, recognizing that they have consequences, and having a sense of self-awareness to help me understand my own feelings is a must. The last one is, my parents are getting old too.

Katie asked 3 months ago · 7 answers

After taking a glimpse of your past and overcoming its hardships, would you say you’re proud of yourself for how far you’ve come? Please give yourself a pat on the back for me if you believe that.

There are some things I couldn’t achieve and I’m still wondering what if I done it better… but I promise to live with no regrets. So, yes, I would say I am proud of myself to finally overcome its hardship. I will treat myself a lot better, let’s claim it as a self-care! You are the best, mom. Thank you for telling me this. I love you! ❤️

C. Seline asked 3 months ago · 8 answers

Whats your favorite heartbreak song? Please give me a recommendation!

Are you okay, girl? Well, to answer your question, my favorite heartbreak song (or should I call it with anthem) is DAY6 - Congratulations!

Wilhelm asked 3 months ago

Abang dami, apa benar kalau

Anonymous asked 3 months ago

What do you think if what you have now will be what I have in march? ☹️

Anonymous asked 4 months ago

kak dami kenapa kalo ngobrol sama abg berasa energi nya ngga pernah abis?

Camellia asked 4 months ago · 9 answers

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.
Look at the stars look how they shine for you

Padahal lebih enak terang bulan dibanding terang bintang.

Anonymous asked 4 months ago

dubidubidudamdam ples tell me how to get along with you?

Anonymous asked 4 months ago

dami abangnya saskara ya? dia sebenernya jomblo atau punya pacar tapi lowwkey gt sih? pengen kenal juga, sering lewat mana lucu lagi kl kalian ngobrol🥲

Waduh, coba kita tanya sama orangnya langsung. Terakhir putus sih dia putus nya sama tali puser, ya gak? @Revausse

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