I didn't think much of it then, but it's starting to all make sense

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Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat.


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Louise. · 4mo

Hey Jiojio, it's been a while since I dropped by here. I just saw your tweet about having sempro on Monday. I just wanted to say, good luck for tomorrow and on everything you’ve been doing these days. I believe you'll do well, since I know how amazing you are. Once everything is done, please treat yourself to something sweet or anything you’re craving because you absolutely deserve all the sweet things after finish those things! SMANGAAAATT BFF. 🫳🥝

Wish me luck, Lulu.. infokan cara lulus dengan cepat tanpa seminar😭😭😭😭 thanks anyway, i'm soing godoosveyehwtsuw CEryijgggg ceyingg cryingg iheon jibEoochyeo.. i'm a loser.. i'm a loser..

Nicholas. · 5 answers · 5mo

Happy new year, everyone! Any new resolutions that you've been thinking of for this new year?

Louise. · 7mo

Air terjun siapa yang dorong?

Louise. · 7mo

Geprek ben su atau keprabon. Jawab cepet, 10 menit.

Scaredy Cat · 8mo

SSHHSSHSH don’t be mad at me. Okay, WAIT. I need to make a proper wording to finally show up on your dm request. ;shy;

Mikaelo · 7mo

Emang cancer kalo ditanya "what are we?" Bakal jawab santai sambil tatap mata kamu dengan lembut dan senyum manis tapi ada linggis ditangannya ya

Icho! · 7mo

kitten sudah makan ayam geprek berapa kali hari ini?

Scaredy Cat · 7mo

you look so attractive, mau followan tapi maluu. >_<

Scaredy Cat · 8mo

Hehe, I’m sorry if i scare you. I’m not a bad guy, really. I’m the anonymous coward who got named Kiwi. :tears:. Looong time no see. Hehe. Actually not sooo gewd but i’m glad i’m (still) alive . How about you, Jio?

Scaredy Cat · 8mo

Lagi naksir sama orang gak? Kalo enggak, boleh aku yang naksir?

Scaredy Cat · 8mo

I finally gathered my mental here. Do you still wanna be friend with me? BUT IM STILL SHY THO. I’M AFRAID I COULDN’T meet your expectations. :sad:.

What do you have to be concerned about? I'd love to meet you. Don't think about it too much; I'd be delighted if you came up to me and introduced yourself. 

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