Prayudha. asked 7 months ago

Do you ever feel unwanted? How do you cope with it?


Do you ever feel unwanted? How do you cope with it?

I’d stop thinking less of myself because these feelings could have developed on their own. It would be a different story if someone made me feel unwanted; I would avoid those people and surround myself with people who make me feel wanted and actually want to be around me.

Take some time alone aja sih, sama menerima kenyataan aja, kalau emang gak semua orang di dunia ini bisa menghargai eksistensi kita.

Just have a depression because of it and then doing some of my favorite activities.

Pernah. I just took some time alone and distract myself with anything that possibly could do; mostly by just listening to loud songs.

Gw sih.. turu, kalo nggak nonton sampe pikiran jelekny ntu ilang

Nope, So far I have never felt that I was unwanted. because maybe I am too positive thinking about anything, when I am not wanted then I will leave.

pernah. can’t really cope with it so i’ll just let it flow

Pernah and I believe everyone must have felt the same way! Constantly reminding myself that I’m enough atau nggak coba cerita ke temen yang udah jadi safe place sih kalau aku :]

Yes, often. Usually it will be my overthinking, then I will feel alone, and end up crying. But after that, I will remember how I got here, how I struggled through my hard times. In the end, I still need myself to get through my next days.

Masih, sampai sekarang pun masih. Berusaha alihin pikiran aja, berusaha terus lakuin yang terbaik aja; sampai mikir at least you want yourself to be fine.

pernah, tapi kaya langsung dialihin ke hal yg lain kaya tidur, nonton atau ngobrol sama temen

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