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Naratama. · 11 answers · 1y

Your favorite song recently?

Benjamin · 17 answers · 1y

fwa atau fwb?

Anonymous · 1y

Kok bisa yang kayak Reo jomblo udah setahun lebih

Anonymous · 1y

Dulu rp Jaemin ya?

Anonymous · 1y

halo, kak reo! sorry for this sudden appearance, but are you into someone right now?

It's been almost 2 weeks since this question was sent, but I'm going to answer this anyway. Yes, I’m into someone right now.

Claudie L. · 13 answers · 1y

It seems I haven't followed each other with some of the people here. If you don't mind, can you drop your twitter username? I will follow you with my @ (@sweetchaosy) :3

Phoebe. · 1y

Hi there, Zene! I'm the one from that green base here to greet you. Anw, happy the beginning of lovey dovey month, how's your 2 days of Feb?

Hello, Phoebe. You can call me Reo/Zen, anyway. My 2 days of February went well, nothing much actually but I do really happy these days.

Anonymous · 1y

Tell me one of your favorite quotes, about love.

“Your dark doesn’t scare me. It only makes me want to hold your hand and be your light until you can find your own again. That’s what people do when they’re in love.”

Anonymous · 1y

Can I volunteer to be your dedek gemes?

Anonymous · 1y

How many dedek gemes you have now?

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