{demoiselle, lovingly ...} ☙ See myself lost in the memory of June.

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Lovaca. asked 12 days ago · 6 answers

what song would you give to your lover?

Gregoireous Harries. asked 8 days ago · 9 answers

Hai cape ya

Gregoireous Harries. asked 22 days ago · 9 answers

Siapa yang

maverick anderson. asked 4 months ago · 2 answers

i know i’m really late to ask this. but, do you all celebrate the valentine’s day? if you do, how did you celebrate it?

Liv ! ʚɞ ִֶ asked 4 months ago · 8 answers

hello? is there anyone here?

Persona asked 4 months ago

Non-oomf but mau nanya layout kamu yang sekarang beli dimana ya?? Bagus bgt huhu

SENDER MAAF AKU BARU BUKA RETROKU.. layout apa, nder? Kalau layout retro itu aku buat sendiri, kalau layout twitterku kemaren itu aku dihadiahin sama temenku yang paling cantik, hehe.

‘ kaila ! ఇ asked 4 months ago · 15 answers

hello ailatuals! mind to tell me about your wednesday?

My Wed went so great! Not greater than my Tues but not worse than my Jan. 😋💗

Liv ! ʚɞ ִֶ asked 4 months ago · 5 answers

guys, twitter kalian error juga kah?

Iya, kemarin eror-eror mulu. Ngga bisa DM, ngga bisa follow. Cape deh.

Persona asked 4 months ago

can you help me to get know closer with Kak Josh?

Bantu gimana, nder.. kalau get closernya yang aneh-aneh, duh you better not deh cause you only do the worst and at the end you'll get nothing. Kalau temenan, tinggal chat aja ke line, ke twitter, atau kamu bikin akun retrospring dan temenan sama retrospringnya dia. He's kind kok, not segarang as he looks. Jamet juga, so you only worry about nothing.

Atau chat ke DM-ku, sini. Aksesnya ada di bio retro aku sama di pinned twt aku. I guess you already know my twt acc, right?

Maddison. asked 4 months ago · 33 answers

Who is your #Rolemodel 🤔

ADUH NGGA TAU, kayanya banyak?? Tapi bingung juga kalau disebutin..

‘ kaila ! ఇ asked 4 months ago · 18 answers

hALO__o disini ada yang pake LINE ???? tolong saranin aku tema line yang lucu juseyooo :D

AKU PAKE! Cuma aku ngga begitu mantengin tema-tema di line, huhu. Gomen. 😔

Melione Ann. asked 4 months ago · 29 answers

Moots! How's your day going so far? I wish you a pleasurable day. Don't forget to drink enough of water and get plenty of rest. 💕

My day's going amazing so far, I love the beginning of my semester. How's yours?

‘ kaila ! ఇ asked 4 months ago · 30 answers

since most of them here are not my mutuals on twitter, so.. does anyone want to be my friends on twitter?

faye asked 4 months ago · 15 answers

kayaknya banyak yang belum mutualan twitter... ada yang mau mutualan gaak!!!

Catherine O’Collins asked 4 months ago · 20 answers

hi loves, can you guys please recommend me something fun to watch on netflix? a film or short series please

Umm apa ya.. so far aku beli Netflix buat nonton anime. But if you love to, coba nonton Kuroko No Basuke, 7 Deadly Sins, The Misfit of Demon King Academy. Kalau gamau yang anime, The Queen's Gambit, ‌Sex Education, ‌13 Reasons Why, Elite, ‌Stranger Things, Anne with an E, ‌Sherlock Holmes, ‌Money Heist, Enola Holmes, APA LAGI YA.

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