Sachiel Jeremiah T. · 9 answers · 1y

thoughts on Sachiel?

Sachiel is such a good person. He's so humble, kind, easygoing, and everyone's friend.

Sachiel is like a younger brother to me, someone I feel a strong need to be protected. It could be because since the moment we first met, you always called me kak Archer, so that's what comes to my mind every time I remember you.

@Collsrbone Someone who is filled with positive energy, everyone knows it and there is no avoiding it. Has a very strong dd aura, so wants to give him a pat every time

the humble one, friendly and warm to each other. of course always give the positive vibes to whoever around him

Seems a humble person, but unfortunately we're not close enough. Kind and funny, I hope we can get closer.

lucuku dan cantik, loveable, always be sunshine, GEMES dan super super super seru diajak ngobrol cabatku

Sachieeel. A humble person, have a lot of topics, easygoing, and can mingle well with everyone or call it with social butterfly, I guess? You become a person who makes those around you happy.

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