(n.) Incommensurable secluded tepidity.

1956, Fort Francescas. Harper Collins.
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Abraham Seige.


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Nadine · 80 answers · 7mo

Kalian beli paketan internet berapa gb yang bener-bener pas untuk sebulan?

Gue pakai yang perbulan 13 gb dan itu ngga cukup karena gue selingan pakai wifi jugaa.

Nadine · 136 answers · 7mo

If you had the opportunity to study a mystery, which one place would you find interesting?
A. Space
B. Undersea

Lintang · 7 answers · 7mo

Anyone have some tips to eat more veggies? I just really didn't enjoy them but wanna try to live healthier next year.

Slide them into your sandwiches. Start out by adding a few veggies in there and gradually increase the quantity. Might you’ll be surprised at the amount of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers you can put in you sandwich before they become too overpowering!

Serenity · 22 answers · 7mo

A song you’d recommend, please? I am trying to find new hidden gems.

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Hey, Abra. Gue lagi dengerin lagu, dan.. kayaknya lagu ini cocok deh buat lo. Bloom by The Paper Kites. Btw, anjinggg. Gue gak bisa berhenti dengerin gitaran lo yang terakhir. (Takut kepencet like) good night, Abra. Gue naksir gitaran lo dah.

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Woi, Abraham. Ganteng banget, anjrit yang barusan lo post. Gue.. gue.. gue jatuh cinta dengan gitaran lo yang keren banget. Gila. Beneran. Ganteng. Banget. Gue sampe gak bisa berhenti dengerin...? Gimana ini...? Kalau gue...? Naksir...? Gitaran lo...? Kapan-kapan gue nunjukin diri dan pesona gue. (Kalau ingat)

Ini gue tagih setelah sebulan, jadi mau nunjukin diri nggak? Orrrrrr have you forgotten it? Anyway, I utter my gratefulness again, thank you.

Serenity · 15 answers · 8mo

What’s your comfort movie(s)? Mind telling me a bit of its premise ?

Anonymous Coward · 7mo

Is there one of your friends that you really admire? Like, you have no idea how cool they are.

Of course, I have. But not admire them in a romantic context, I admire them because they look extraordinary (for me).

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Bro.. gitaran lo yang terbaru keren bangert.. bro.. gue dengerin mulu dah.. boleh gak.. gue.. jatuh.. cinta.. sama.. gitaran lo.. yang oke.. banget.. itu..?

Pss, btw gue beberapa kali ngirim retro emang gak masuk ye? (Menunggu jawab elo)

MASUKK tapi gue belum sempet jawab and give you a proper response, jadi gue tunda dulu sampai gue udah bener-bener free, oke… So till when you’ll drop that precious compliment hey.

Anonymous Coward · 8mo


Anonymous Coward · 8mo

coba cover separuh nafas dewa 19 dongg

Udah pernah, sender! Coba scroll ke media yang bawaah aku udah pernah post yang separuh nafas.

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