Morgan ೃ࿔*:・

It's gonna be okay like the hands on the clock, They'll go in circles back to their places.

Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
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nyomie. asked 3 months ago · 23 answers

what’s your all time favorite cartoon character?

Am i will be counted as freaks because these days {basically even from when I was a child} I do enjoy Upin Ipin.. 😔 That's my all time favorite cartoon character.

nyanya asked 14 days ago · 6 answers

saran mie enak yang pedes banget dong all :o

Aku lagi suka Indomie ramen rasa tori kara yang mecha karaaa! Nyanya sudah coba belum?

Mira asked 27 days ago · 2 answers

What is your favorite coffee recipe?

Kopi lemon ala Feyo. 🥺🩷 {sekarang ketagihan soalnya asam dan pahitㅡ kayak hidupku adalah perpaduan yang sepurna.}

Dami asked 28 days ago

Morgan, tell me something I don’t know, or today’s TMI?

Today TMI is; I don't really enjoy my day and my work was suck. I hate life and wish I dedt. 😫

shy bebes asked 29 days ago

stop pake pelet anjing pacar gw naksir

Mau aku rekomendasikan pelet bagus nggak nder anyway aku juga udah ada PACAR :3c

ARMONT asked 3 months ago · 3 answers

If you can describe yourself with a song, what would it be and why?

I don't know the lyrics but it's the old song that said "Gampang naik darah, omong tak mau kalah" and by the lyrics, it describes me.

ARMONT asked 3 months ago · 4 answers

If money doesn’t matter, what do you want to be or do?

shy bebes asked 3 months ago

Siapa pacarmu

shy bebes asked 3 months ago

Emang boleh Yaa setiap berantem bawa bawa temen

Mira asked about 1 year ago · 7 answers

If valentine is not about chocolate and flowers, what do you want to give your loved ones as a valentine gift?

Dami asked 7 months ago

What small act of kindness someone can do today to brighten your day?

Transferin aku kayak minimal 500juta gitu cukup untuk mencerahkan hariku, Kak. <3

shy bebes asked 3 months ago

Mantannya Gera ya?

Emanuel. asked 11 months ago · 4 answers

How are you feeling lately?

Thankyou for asking! {eventhough I just replied this SORRY} Been fine, even life is always joking on me but am I surprised?

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