Morgan ೃ࿔*:・

It's gonna be okay like the hands on the clock, They'll go in circles back to their places.

Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
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Mira asked 2 months ago · 7 answers

Do you have any habit? Or things you would do everyday beside eat and sleep? Tell me!

Work. It's an unhealthy accustomed I always do like every single time.

nu asked 3 months ago · 5 answers

saran kegiatan bermanfaat

amara asked 5 months ago

hihu morgan life update plish!

Madly stressedt with pile of papers and madly in love with my boyfriend. 🩷✨

Kaelynn. asked 4 months ago

Hey km, hatiku dag dig dug saat aku melihatmuuu

Mff aku member smes harusnya kamu nyanyi kenapa hatiku cenat cenut tiap ada kamu.

Mira asked 8 months ago · 5 answers

If you get casted in a series, what kind of character you would rather be?

I may choose to be Daphne Bridgerton because I wonder how does it feel like her and perfect in so many ways.

Dami asked 5 months ago

Wrong answer only kalo lagi laper aku…

Mira asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

If your bed asks you, "What is upsetting you so much these days?" How would you react or what would you answer it?

I might cry and say nothing about it just cry my lungs out.

Mira asked 6 months ago · 5 answers

What song do you like to repeat these days and why?

I don't know why I feel gloomy these days but these two songs will always I listen every night before I go to bed. Song attached in Twitter.

Mira asked 6 months ago · 7 answers

What makes you happy this week?

Mira asked 6 months ago · 7 answers

Where do you want to live? Name a country and tell me the reason!

I don't know but maybe somewhere in nothern europe? But it's impossible though.

Mira asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

What do you do before going to bed? Tell me your routine!

Watch something. Preferably which bring calmness like a sounds of rain, bird chirping sounds, banyak juga. {or something like murotalㅡ believe me I really listened to it}

Emanuel. asked 7 months ago · 3 answers

Name a thing you are grateful for today.

I am grateful that my cats are eating well, I got a very nice nap and have a spare time to relax because it's a day-offs. I could sleep more, I could watch all I want to watch and do whatever I want to do. I am grateful that I am no longer squadless IRP, I am grateful that I am surrounded by such a nice people and meet new people. I am happy today is Sunday even it's not as sunny as I hope, I am happy that this day wasn't that hot because of nonstop drizzling.

Mira asked 7 months ago · 9 answers

If you were a hero, what kind of monster do you think is hard to deal with?

Feodora Levindore asked 7 months ago · 16 answers

What do you like the most about your current partner/lover?

Mira asked 7 months ago · 7 answers

If you have a chance to make a tv show, what would it be about?

"Patar, monitor patar!" She runs with her handy walkie-talkie while hiding on her undercovers; hopes that the target she was stalked because his jerk behaviour.

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