𝑙͟𝑖͟𝑡͟𝑡͟𝑙͟𝑒͟ 𝑐͟ℎ͟𝑒͟𝑟͟𝑟͟𝑦͟ 𝑏͟𝑙͟𝑜͟𝑠͟𝑠͟𝑜͟𝑚 (.✿)

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Kesheana. · 5mo

Tell me your top 3 songs this month!

Kesheana. · 5mo

Do you tend to express your love by doing things for your partner or simply spending time together?

simply spending time together because that is more than enough and i feel loved <3

Jase · 11 answers · 4mo

Apa hal yang selama ini hal yang kalian merasa gak terlalu berharga tapi semakin berjalannya waktu kalian merasa kalau hal tersebut berharga?

notes! gw dulu smt awal pas maba itu bener2 banyak ketinggalan info. semenjak dari smt 4 sampe skrg udh smt 6 mulai rajin nyatet di notes dan itu genjot ipk gw banget njir. gw kemana aja coba pas maba?

Jase · 8 answers · 3mo

Which ex would you ask to come with you if you are invited to join EXchange?

Shas · 12 answers · 2mo

menurut km, idol yang vibesnya kayak ningning siapa?

Jase · 11 answers · 2mo

Which idol do you recommend me to roleplay other than Jeno Lee?

Jase · 10 answers · 5mo

Tell me 3 songs that make you feel like you are in love.

thinking out loud -ed sheeran
tersenyum, untuk siapa? -hivi
pilihanku -maliq & d’essentials

Dami · 5mo

Just passing by to tell you that I am so happy by reading your bucin tweets with Zeedane (am I right?), happy terus ya Helen!

arrgh thank you, Dami! Same goes to you with Hugo, happy terus buat kita semua!

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