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Alrik · 5 answers · 2d

What’s one song that you heard in 2019 and somehow never left your playlist(s)?

Danish K. Gabriel · 1d

Main ke pantai atau hiking ke gunung? Kenapa?

Izzy · 10 answers · 3d

Gotta dip away somewhere else! Please notice me in case you still wants to keep the mutual.

Amara, Katrine.

Nino · 6 answers · 14d

There’s always the first time for everything. Now tell me; What was the first movie you watched and what do you think about it?

I guess it's Narnia? I don't think I quite remember the plot tho it's been awhile. Should I rewatch it?

Jase · 8 answers · 7d

Which idol do you recommend me to roleplay other than Jeno Lee?

Galliane · 9d

Udah mam seblak berapa kali sebulan ini?

Anonymous Coward · 9d

Ok. Kalau gitu panggilnya Haikal aja. Makasih banyak sudah mau jawab. Untuk temenannya mungkin nanti aja ya, kalau aku sudah ada nyali. :)

Anonymous Coward · 10d

Hi! Aduh, mulai dari mana ya.. langsung ke intinya aja, gak apa, ya? Intinya aku cuma mau sampaikan kalau aku mengagumimu. I’ve been admiring you from afar and I didn’t know when it started.. but it’s been a while. If you find this creepy, then I’m very sorry, but I just wanted to let it out. You seem such a cool and fun person to be around with. Hopefully can be friend with you, or not.. have a good weekend, NK. Or is it Haikal, now?

Jujur kaget masih ada yang manggil NK hahaha, bebas mau panggil apa aja! Haikal boleh, Nakula boleh, suits yourself. Btw, sure I'd love to have a new friend kok so it's a yes from me.

Kas. · 10 answers · 2mo

Here I am again with a mainstream question but can I get a first impression or any thoughts on me? 🤔🤍

leticia ◡̈ ⑅ · 10 answers · 12d

menurut km, idol yang vibesnya kayak ningning siapa?

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