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Timothy Gretama asked about 1 month ago

Dayie! May I get a song recommendation from you? Any genre and language is fine.

Len asked 2 months ago · 11 answers

what's 4+4?

Leon asked about 2 months ago · 4 answers


Shadow asked 3 months ago

hello, good person! just wanna remind you that you've been doing very well in everything. take care, and have an amazing day :) 💫💛

Hello, thank you for passing by with this sweet reminder. Been awhile since the last time someone told me about this so I thank you a lot for this. Whoever you are, I hope you also have a wonderful day ahead and please remember that you are amazing!

Cecil asked 3 months ago

Tell me things that makes you happy these days! :]

Everyone around me, irl especially, I met new people last month and the fact that I can make a strong bond with them is one of the reason that makes me happy. Oh also, my family! It’s been awhile since the last time me and my family went for a vacation because we were all busy but last month we got a lot of times to spent together.

Cecil asked 3 months ago

Lio welcome back!!

elena asked 5 months ago

thank you so much for being a good friend this far even though we barely talk due to one or two reasons! 🥺

I believe we both busy as hell that makes us barely talk to each other but trust me I cherish you a lot!

R.R asked 6 months ago

Chigiri or Tehyung?

Nicolette Leonora asked 4 months ago · 3 answers

Hi, hi! If you know me, may I know your thoughts about me? 💭 Thank you so much! :]

Hi, Noya! I love the way you gave your reaction to everyone, I mean you’re always be the one who is excited when someone telling their stories, I love that side of yours. You are a good listener, really. But one thing, I hope you can also lessen your burden by sharing your pain or worries with someone else because I believe there are a lot of people that would listen to you, me included. Kalo ada masalah cerita ya sayang, jangan keseringan dipendem sendiri. I just don’t want you to get hurt alone. Kay, I love you. <3

Zen. asked 4 months ago · 17 answers

What's your midnight thoughts?

Thinking about dying my hair red tapi kata temenku ciri-ciri orang stress, menurutmu gimana?

Lily asked 4 months ago

Tipe kamu yang kayak gimanaa boleh bisikin aku

I honestly don’t have ideal type for significant other but maybe someone who can handle my random thoughts. Because it could be tiring sometimes to bear with someone who always talking nonsense out of nowhere.

Shadow asked 4 months ago

nilai lagu ini dari 1-10

Whoever dropped this link here, thank you so much because it’s such a good song!! So maybe.. 8 out of 10.

Nico asked 4 months ago

When it comes to matters of the heart, there's no room for hesitation. I'm ready and sure about my feelings for you and I want nothing more than to start a journey together. Will you be my girlfriend, Lili?

Shadow asked 5 months ago


Feodora Levindore asked 7 months ago · 16 answers

What do you like the most about your current partner/lover?

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