I love cats (and dogs) respectfully.

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NK · 6 answers · 4d

If you have a chance to go back to the past, what are you going to do?

evelyne mareesa · 6 answers · 18d

rate maretmu sejauh ini dari 1-10

evelyne mareesa · 5 answers · 8d

what’s your goal this month? 💬

I don't have any particular goal this month, I just want to end my April with me getting no more anxious to face another day to live.

Nino · 7 answers · 15d

There’s always the first time for everything. Now tell me; What was the first movie you watched and what do you think about it?

Jurrasic Park, I was 4 years old I think when my father decided to traumatized me by bringing his baby to watch that gruelsome movie 😅 I have a crush on branchiosaurus that time, and I was so terrified with T-rex.

Helen · 10 answers · 13d

kangen bikin 1000 gdm bersamaku gak sih?

Zoi · 6 answers · 1mo

How to prevent yourself from getting mad over a thing that doesn’t important for you? You know, sometimes we got involved into things like this.

This is hard, since I am too a emotionally driven person. Tapi sekarang daripada langsung kebawa emosi aku mikir-mikir dulu dalam menanggapi hal yang menurutku ga penting2 amat to he mad over. Paling gampang sih detached myself from the root/sumber masalahnya dulu, soalnya kalau ngga detaching makin kesel dan malah ngelakuin hal yg ga kita pengenin sih.

Aléah · 1mo

Spill comfort food!!

Makanan berat:
- ayam gepuk pak gembus
- tahu tek
- lontong balap
- nasi goreng merah

Makanan ringan
- bomboloni-nya dunkin donuts
- basreng sultan

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