micAw! 💥

the leaves are falling as time slips by 🍃

Shirakawa, Japan
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Khaleesi Rue · 3mo

Hello new buddy, I'm sender from ssefnum. May i get a follow back? Anyways, nice to know you & I hope we can mingle well :D

henyooo! sureee, sudah aku follback yaaah :D nice to know you tOo! hope we can mingle well, my new frieeeend~ <3

𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐇. · 3mo

Hi, Misa. Can you give me a movie recommendation?

hMmm.. apa yah... 🤔 udah pernah nonton the call belum? kalau belum, i recommend it for you! soalnya itu seruu, tegang banget

mima!⁠˙⁠๑ · 9 answers · 3mo

if you were a cat, would it be kucing oren or kucing hitam?

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

if you could teleport to your favorite anime, film, Kdrama or series, what would you choose? 🎬

pokoknya ke dunia ghibli! soalnya sooooo refreshing 🌿🍀🍃 makanannya juga keliatan enak enak yummm! 😋 yang terpenting mau ketemu AMASAWA SEIJI

Anonymous Coward · 7mo


HALOOOO! aku males banget onnn terus sempet sibuk jugaaa :[ baru sekarang deh mau on lagi, kangen..... (maaf baru dibales 4 bulan kemudian)

Parisa Moon · 25 answers · 8mo

When was the last time you cried?

𐙚 · 8mo

good morning misa!! aku mau temenan sama kamu boleh gakk? <3

hello ash! maaf banget baru bales.. soalnya baru buka retrospring.. boleh banget dongggg! ayok kita temenaaaan ^_____0

𝓐 din · 15 answers · 8mo

kalian termasuk orang yang selektif memilih sendok ga :D

IYA! aku soal alat makan pilih pilih.. kalo sendok gamau yang ringan, gamau yang pipih, gamau yang bengkok, lengkungannya harus bagus klow jelek suka betmut wjhwjekeasjhs mAAV SENDOK aku pilih kasih

Floreusant · 19 answers · 9mo

Temen temen, lagu apa yang at least harus banget didenger minimal sekali seumur hidup

kupid chiarabelle 𓇼 · 9mo

mica aku sUKAAAa SEKALi tHemeee retro kamuu!!?!!! ⭐ ______ ⭐

Angeline Hart. · 9mo

Totally loving your unique and cute profile! It stands out from the rest. Mind sharing some tips on how to build a personality like yours? I mean, tips on being as stunning as you? <3

heyyy, thank you for your compliment it really makes my day better than ever! anw, i don't really have any tips for building my personality because i only mix matching my profile based on the aesthetic of my pfp first then i i'll matching the rest. oh, or perhaps you have your own aesthetic? you can use it for the reference later! you're stunning just the way you are~

𝓐 din · 18 answers · 9mo


semua bunga cantik cantikk, aku sukaaaa. TAPI BUNGA TULIP CANTIK BANGET BANGETTT 🌷🌷🌷

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