Karla Mireille.
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Nadine · 138 answers · 6mo

If you had the opportunity to study a mystery, which one place would you find interesting?
A. Space
B. Undersea

Space! I’d like to explore more about stars, moon, planets, and other things in space. They look really interesting.

Anonymous · 6mo

do you have your dorothea?

nyom · 12 answers · 6mo

Can you guys recommend a song that'll boost the energy and get the day off to a great start?

Mireee. · 3 answers · 6mo

Kalau lagi ngantuk, tapi laper juga, mending makan dulu apa langsung tidur?

Shaneil Eliyas · 22 answers · 6mo

Kalau ada batu yang masuk ke sepatu, kalian buang sepatunya atau buang perasaan suka yang menyiksa karena doimu ga suka balik?

Shaneil Eliyas · 21 answers · 7mo

3 tahun iyas vs 3 iyas

ARGH 3 tahun Iyas… 3 tahun km kayaknya ga suka ghosting sih. SORRY GA SANGGUP 1 IYAS AJA GHOSTING TRS APALAGI 3

Shaneil Eliyas · 17 answers · 7mo

Boleh nga kasih aku rekomendasi lagu yang kalian denger kalau lagi rain

Shaneil Eliyas · 21 answers · 7mo

Kalau di dunia ini cuman ada ayam geprek dan batu, kalian mau ga makan kayu?

Mireee. · 5 answers · 7mo

Tell me little thing(s) that makes you happy!

Anonymous · 8mo

karla, senyum terus ya! happie happy happiness

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