A silent euphoria: silence tells you stories that words can't.

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A stranger · 3mo

Have a joyful Eid, Noah!
You came accross my mind for days, but, I'm guessing that you're doing super fine? How are you?

hi stranger, apologized for 1 month late replying yours. i'm doing well, like you guessed. how was yours?

Berlyn ✧ · 13 answers · 6mo

valentine's day is coming >< could you recommend a love song that can make our hearts beat fast like 'dugeun dugeun' when we listen to it?

Berlyn ✧ · 12 answers · 7mo

how's your first day in 2024? and do you mind to tell me what your wish for this year?

It was calm day and feels optimistic in certain point. Wishing for having side job and be settle i guess. What about you?

A stranger · 7mo

Kak? Aku mau nggak jadi pacar kamu?

A stranger · 7mo

Kak mataku pedes banget kelilipan ceker seblak

A stranger · 7mo

200 sama kandang boleh min?

A stranger · 7mo

Noah salam ya buat mama papa

Misal ditanya darimana, gue jawab dari siapa di Purbalingga atau mana nih enaknya?

Berlyn ✧ · 10 answers · 7mo

have you feel unloved and lonely at the same time (when you don't have any relationship with someone), what do you do to make yourself feel better?

ofc, i think everyone has been in those phases. connect with people more, by face-to-face. do new hobbies, do exercise or contact professional help if needed.

A stranger · 10mo


Berlyn ✧ · 15 answers · 10mo

can anyone suggest me a kdrama to watch? i prefer it's not released in this year.

I don’t watch much kdrama, but try to watch Pachinko or The Last Princess (movie)

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