ayaya 馃

tiny cottage where a cattobun store her bubbles of questions from her sweet little fairies 馃馃崉饟彶*喋堚湬鈥р倞藲馃帎

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give me pink little bubble 馃


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旃滌暊頃橂姅, claire. 14 answers 2mo

鈰 啾ㄠ hayyie! would you rate and give me your opinion about my rentry, retrospring, and twitter鈥檚 set-up? thank you in advance! <3

hi, claire! LUCUUU & CANTIK BANGET OMG!! t鈥攖 youre like if cinnamoroll was pink and has social media accounts!

旃滌暊頃橂姅, claire. 11 answers 2mo

鈰 啾ㄠ i would love to know what other people think of folks who love to tweet but keep their comments turned off and aren't super engaged in the interactions. does this behavior sound familiar?

since i've been doing it myself, i'm wondering if there are others out there like me. once again, i would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, please be honest! 锛奺xtremely curious锛

its fine! kalau temen2ku begini, i wouldnt mind at all. i understand having to interacting can be overwhelming. pokoknya selama kita tetep baik2 aja walau jarang interaksi, aku tetep seneng >_<

旃滌暊頃橂姅, claire. 11 answers 2mo

鈰 啾ㄠ have you ever had a hidden love language that you both love and loathe? the kind where you long for physical touch, yet hate it. i wonder if it counts as a love language.

love and loathe? i dont think i loathe any love language.. 馃 setidaknya diantara 5 itu. but, i do feel that ketika aku DIJAILIN!! aku seneng kalau ada yang jail as a form of affection (soalnya kaya, kalau jail kan berarti udah deket banget) TAPI!! aku sebel kadang sampai pengen nangis kalau keseringan dijailin T鈥擳 so i love, yet i loathe it!

旃滌暊頃橂姅, claire. 19 answers 2mo

鈰 啾ㄠ hi, pals! what lyric line from a song has really stuck with you? can you share it with me? as for myself, i have this addictive line that i just can't get out of my head:

constellations of stars
murals on city walls
i don't see nobody but you
you're my vice, you're my muse
you're a nineteenth floor view
i don't see nobody but you

me: i cant relateee to desperation, my give a fucks are on vacationn >_< it鈥檚 espresso by sabrina carpenter!

laura :D2mo

kakak hanni <3 HEHEHE lagi apa

DD HANNI >____<)/ akulagi tiduran sambilnunggu previewlayout (EH) km lagiapa cayangku


kita harus followan ayayy


Konstelasi. 12 answers 3mo

Do you enjoy being alone or finding your solace in solitude?

laura :D3mo

what鈥檚 your comfort film? ^___^

MEAN GIRLS!!! HAHAHAHA akubisa nonton 1000000x. sampai hapal beberapa dialognya! kalau laura comfort filmnya apaa? ( ^____^)/

sweet little fairy 路 3mo

please fart on my bootyhole so i can clench it & forever trap the smell inside me

Arsabiel H. 3 answers 3mo

Kalian ada rekomendasi novel bagus, enggak? prefer genre rom-com indonesian tapi kalo genre lain gapapa banget kok!

abiel aku punya tapi bukaan rom-com ( ; ^__^) rekomendasi #1 aku, Kita Pergi Hari Ini by Ziggy Z! genrenya fantasi.. sepertinya (?) (HABIS NYONTEK GUGEL T鈥斺擳) tapi ada trigger warningnya! kalau yang ada romance-romancenya, aku suka Spring in London by Ilana Tan! buku-bukunya Ilana Tan enjoyable banget. hope this helps!

nana 喹ㄠ3mo

BAGUS BANGET TEMA RETRONYA..... 鈾ワ笍___鈾ワ笍 ajarin dong!!!

MASA鈥 JADISALTINK.. sebenernya enih berkat layoutnya yang emang lucuk, kakak. color pallete-nya tinggal nyesuain ( >___<)/ AH TEMA KAK NANA JUGA NDA KALAH LUCU!!

nana 喹ㄠ3mo

halo cobat baru ayaya liya bubble xD


bayi pastel lucu!

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