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Michi · 3mo

what if I make you pancakes but you choose to masak mie?

Pumpkin · 3mo

Lucu banget, sudah ada yang punya belum?

kumi · 3mo

henlo, i got your retrospring from menfess. mind to gimme a follow back? thankyou :3

Pumpkin · 3mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

Everything I want? Hmm, I would like to bring my childhood back, being an adult is tiring.

Pumpkin · 3mo

Hello? How are you?

Awful, I guess. I haven't get a proper rest this past week. How about you, sender?

Hosea · 5 answers · 7mo

How's it hanging, everyone? Can you suggest some movies that are suitable to watch at the end of this year?

Pumpkin · 1y

Flirting is not a crime tho, and nah that wouldn't surprised me regardless you're a grandpa or whatsoever.. I told you, you're a little pumpkin, that wouldn't change my mind even if you dressed like badut mekdi. No, I didn't fall asleep afterwards, I played Genshin till my eyes gets watery 💀 what kind of game do you like to play?

Pumpkin · 1y

You left the question unanswered.... also, 6 hours ago? What time did you go to sleep, really? Fun fact, I always sleep around 3-4 AM, but last night was an exception!

Damn, maybe I wasn't clear to answer your question because I also feel flustered..? It's just my habit to change the topic (supaya gak keliatan salting). Yesterday was hectic as hell so I went to sleep earlier and woke up around that time. Glad to know you're taking a good rest last night, mind to tell me what's keeping your eyes awake usually?

Pumpkin · 1y

Wow, okay, man's trying to make me flustered. I'm /not/ a little one, in fact I am a Matured Wise Huge Grown Man. Listen, I ordered a large cup of iced latte with an extra shot espresso this morning, it was all fine only until I read the first line of your reply. So, one quick question: did my coffee give me jitters or did you? 🫵🏻

Oh, did I managed to spread a pink shade on your cheeks? I never knew a "grown up man" could do that, maybe even better if I pinches them. And, since when a baby can drink an extra shot espresso? That was a huge lie but tell me more, I want to hear a baby blabbering about his day.

Pumpkin · 1y

The way I'm so dumb thinking what's on earth going through your mind that you called me pumpkin..?.! And then I saw my name is really Pumpkin there. Scratches my head... I'm so embarrassing. Welp, I'm definitely too shy to reach out to you on private message as we don't have any mutual... and it would be straight up awkward because I don't know how to start off conversations, I'm just gonna hop in here once at a time atm... sorry, man's too shy to show up. 🫠

You're indeed a pumpkin, a little one precisely. It's alright, you don't have to be shy. Take as long as you want whenever you feel comfortable. You're free to leave anything here if you want to say one or two things with me. I hope I get to see you soon, have a massive wonderful Monday, pumpkin. 🫂

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