author of Ætherglow and other fiction on pixel artist. drummer of Last Question. aspiring synth girl. autistic self advocate.

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[unknown] · 2mo

is this pink or fuschia or chartreuse or

[unknown] · 3mo

do you play modded minecraft? and if so what mods do you like the most? :3

I haven't gotten around to trying mods actually, I watch Sparrow play it with all kinds of interesting mods, someday I'll get into it when I feel like committing to it for a while.

[unknown] · 3mo

N64 or PS1?

[unknown] · 4mo

i don't want to hurt anyone, but i do want to learn and grow. do you have any thoughts/feelings about cultural appropriation vs cultural exchange?

[unknown] · 4mo

pros and cons to being plural?

pro: have systers with me all the time, use our individual strengths to strategically handle difficult situations, have better control over our mind, get many different perspectives on the world around us, and get to fall in love with our partners over and over again.

cons: occasionally can't remember something, dealt with internal conflict and a harmful alter in the past, singlets generally refuse to try to understand it and don't treat us as a system

astrid · 8 answers · 4mo

what do you do when you're depressed and unmotivated?

Vega · 5mo


Alice: yeah sure
Viola: No
Winter: unproven
Emma: domnmn'n't knwo
Saturn: perhaps in a lesbian kinda way?
Saffron: yes

[unknown] · 7mo

what would happen if summernet

[unknown] · 8mo

What can you tell me about apocalypse?

[unknown] · 8mo

maybe that's why the people i dated always complained i was so bony. they were expecting soft because i'm a girl.

Is it possible to be all elbows?

it is not, because for something to be an elbow depends on its positioning between two arm segments.

in theory, if your skeleton was made up entirely of chains of articulating joints connecting short pieces of bone, you could reasonably say it was all elbows. it would give you incredible flexibility

[unknown] · 8mo

have you kissed a girl

[unknown] · 10mo

Ætherglow, a summary, in 200 words or less?

Welcome to Translunar Academy. You are Aydan of Luna, an ordinary femboy/enbything with every pronoun and severe profound autism. You're young and still learning a lot about life, but you're pretty sure all conscious entities deserve self-determination, organic or digital, and that girls are pretty and soft.

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