author of Ætherglow and other fiction on pixel artist. drummer of Last Question. aspiring synth girl. autistic self advocate.

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[unknown] asked about 2 months ago

Ætherglow, a summary, in 200 words or less?

Welcome to Translunar Academy. You are Aydan of Luna, an ordinary femboy/enbything with every pronoun and severe profound autism. You're young and still learning a lot about life, but you're pretty sure all conscious entities deserve self-determination, organic or digital, and that girls are pretty and soft.

[unknown] asked about 1 month ago

why can you drink a drink but you cant food food

[unknown] asked about 2 months ago

why does everyone have pronouns?

untrue! in ASL for example everyone merely has contextual spatial indexing

[unknown] asked about 2 months ago

would deleuze and guattari form a yaoi or would they form a yuri

[unknown] asked about 2 months ago

how do pronouns work (i do not understand them) (help)

[unknown] asked about 2 months ago

is this "just like aetherglow"?

[unknown] asked about 2 months ago

did you ever knew me truly?

[unknown] asked about 2 months ago

I am happy to support everyone's pronouns. But also I have been socially trained that it's an insult to use it/its for people. I know the most important thing is to use someone's stated pronouns, and i always do.

Could you help me understand a little better how some of you came to use it/its as some of your pronouns?


[unknown] asked 3 months ago

would you like to work on a pixelart sidescroller rpg as an artist?

I could be down to join a project like that, but I have done freelance gamedev art and writing in the past and it was very frustrating that all the projects I put a lot of work into were never completed and I have nothing to show for it. I would have to be reasonably confident the game was actually going to be released.

[unknown] asked 5 months ago

what is the void to you all?

A nice place, in between all places, connecting them, underlying them. The void is what is not. Even space is a fluid, a substance--the void is not. It is the presence of absence, the primordial Chaos from which all emerged and to which all returns. The only thing that is real.

the f00fy one asked 5 months ago

What does it mean to be an anarchist in the context of religion?

Basically to me it is what the spirit of Chaos magick should be, we study various witchcraft practices and incorporate what we like into our own craft, not being bound by any authority or dogma or canon. We don't see our conception of divinity as an authoritarian relationship either--rather we are one with Chaos as equals, not a worshiper of her but a part of her. Our cult is a collective with no hierarchy, and our principles as an anarchist are practically religion to us as it is--absolute bodily autonomy, self determination.

[unknown] asked 6 months ago

I’ve listened to your band’s music on bandcamp and I enjoy it. Have you done more than just the three songs I heard? (Only song title I remember is U-70).

We don't have a lot of recordings unfortunately, only that EP from 2013 and our 2009 album which is also on bandcamp.

[unknown] asked 7 months ago

Do you believe in Gravity?

yes? I have no better explanation for its effects on spacetime.

azumanga dot gay wowowowowowowowow asked 7 months ago · 11 answers

best azumanga character? mine should be plainly obvious from my fedi handle

Kasuga Ayumu but really it's such close competition with Sakaki

[unknown] asked 7 months ago

when was the last time you watched the annoying orange?

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