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any taste but bitter and sour


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Björn · 6 answers · 24d

Siapa mutuals di remotechoes yang belum followan di akun baru

dust · 1mo

hai cantik perempuanku, boleh nggak spill bodycare kamu apa aja? kayak lotion, body scrub, dll gitu heheh. timakacii 🫶🏼

sure thing! aku ngga begitu banyak products buat bodycare sih.. cuman rutin 2 kali sehari pake body lotion & sunblock kalau ada kegiatan di luar (aku pake apa aja btw, currently lagi pake marina yang pink buat body lotion sama sunblocknya yang spf 30), terus body scrub/luluran biasanya 2 kali seminggu (again, any brands will do &&& biasanya aku campur pake sabun kojie san). that’s about it!

hana <3 · 1mo

biasanya kalau beli seblak isinya apa aja?

Björn · 5 answers · 1mo

Tell me your all-time favorite singers (I lowkey want to discover some new songs from different genres)

dust · 1mo

cantik sih tp bau busuk unch

dust · 2mo

KAKA CANTIKKK coba join trend yg makeup 2000s ituu

dust · 2mo

halo cim, kalo boleh tau press on nails nya beli di manaa? Thankyew so much🤍

G. · 2mo

Halo, Cim. Mind to give me movie recommendations? Romcoms diutamain banget.

flipped, legally blonde, i fine thank you love you.. i barely watch romcoms <|3 but those are the ones popping in my head!

dust · 2mo

Hi Cim, maaf banget tapi boleh nggak minta bantuanmu sama temen-temenmu buat vote Orca disini? Makasih banyak!

dust · 3mo

Wait, I thought you have a bf? So you’re single? (Do you think I have a chance)

i’ve ended my relationship, but i’m not currently seeking for another. i assure you, though, you’ll always have a chance to befriend me :)

dust · 3mo

Are you currently in a romantic relationship, Ree?

Sugarplum · 3mo

(Honestly) I've been wondering for a long time, but would you rather be addressed as Cimmy or Ree/River?

that’s HONESTLY a question that i can’t ever find the answer for.. those all sound just right to me and the only thing that tells one another apart is ~when~ did you get to know me (old pals usually call me cimmy and recent ones sometimes prefer ree, so..!) other than that, everything is on par!

dust · 3mo


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