Welcome to the G's hall of QNAs. Every judge and suggestion are allowed as long as it communicated in assertive way. Thank you in advance.

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Leave it through the used milk box.


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Shel asked 8 days ago · 15 answers

Lagi craving apa nih hari ini?

Primrose asked 11 days ago · 14 answers

What song gives you comfort whenever you listen to it?

Saat ini Setapak Sriwedari. Lagunya manis seger kaya makan es krim pas siang bolong.

Shel asked 20 days ago · 14 answers

Kalo kalian punya peliharaan (lagi) bakal dinamain apa?

Shel asked 10 months ago · 14 answers

Kalo kamu tiba-tiba berubah jadi kucing, kamu mau ngapain?

shayla asked 4 months ago · 11 answers

What food do you crave the most these days?

PSK (Pecel Siomay Ketoprak) pokoknya semua yang ada bumbu kacangnya itu enak banget kaya ada ganjanya.

Shel asked 4 months ago · 9 answers

Suggest me your comfort sitcom to watch, please!

Dek coba nonton Putri Duyung. Lucu banget sumpah Domba sama Intana.

Shel asked about 2 months ago

Cariin pacar bang

Ibu-ibu, bapak-bapak, siapa yang punya anak bilang aku karena Shey tengah malu sama teman-temannya karena cuma dirinya yang tak laku-laku.

LO asked 2 months ago

apa abang ganteng

Shel asked 3 months ago · 9 answers

Pernah menang cocoki ga?

Irie asked 7 months ago

If you could invent a new ice cream flavour, what wild combination of ingredients would you use?

I'm so into pineapple in pizza. Hence, pineapple will taste great as one of ice cream flavour. I think I reckon something new as it flashed from my thoughts. What do you think of pizza as an ice cream flavour?

Kylo asked 6 months ago · 4 answers

Please recommend me a song that you think is good but not many people know about it.

The perfect choice to answer this question is OT by NAJ and Janitra Satriani. It's an old song (I considered it as an old since I already heard it from 5 years ago) but turns out this song is timeless. It's a LOFI one therefore you can hear it when you have something to do and need music as a company. For me, it's a good song, but taste is having a tons of reference. It will be better if you give a hear and I'd like to hear your review to this song.

Irie asked 7 months ago

If love were a flavour, what would it taste like to you and why?

It could be a hint of Colgate Max Fresh with lemon flavour and a chamomille tea aftertaste. There's no context added. I'll leave it to your imagination.

Caeden I. asked 7 months ago

Abg retronya kok bewarna aku juga mau

Ada di bagian Settings yang Theme, Eden. Nanti diatur aja warnanya mau yang gimana, tapi musti cari color pallette sendiri.

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