Chayyi. · 10 answers · 12mo

Do you believe in second chances? Why?

Yes, I do. I think everyone deserve a second chance because people make mistakes sometimes. Even though it is hard to give trust again, I guess once they understand how what they do affect the others at least they will avoid doing things that might causing the same pain.

No. Now I'm gonna say it clear, second chances are bullshit. It's never meant to be there in the first place. You are given one and you should do your best in that one chance.

Yes. Everyone deserves a second chance, at least menurut gue. Gak ada manusia yang sempurna, pasti pernah buat salah. Jadi selama kesalahannya gak “fatal” ya why not?

I do. Humans are dynamic to begin with. They can change. And the change that I am talking about has an unlimited spectrum of interpretation and path. And that could answer whether I'll give the person this second change card or not.

Yes because people changes unless they don't want to be changed and doesn't have the will to change themselves.

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