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Siapa siap jadi aktivis retro?


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Lily · 27 answers · 8mo

Kalian paling suka lagu Taylor Swift yang mana?

Awandaru · 12 answers · 8mo

Ceritain dong, hal apa yang bikin kamu bersyukur banget?

To have what I have currently. Ada pacarku, ada temen-temenku, ada kucing-kucingku sama kucingnya pacarku, semuanya. 😋

Rahman dari Bekasi · 9mo

halooo kak! non-oomfs tapi boleh minta review yang mykonos? TIA!

Dabria · 11 answers · 9mo

Are you a "it's just a crazy thought, it can't happen and it's not that deep" type or "I always trust my guts and it usually happens when I feel uneasy" type of person?

Rahman dari Bekasi · 10mo

You are so gorgeous!

Halo.. baru liat.. thank you so much for sending me this one! Muncul pls temenan..? 🥺

Louie · 6 answers · 11mo

5 fakta tentang kamu

Ngantukan, pelor akut, cengeng, benci cicak, lucu (sesuai interpretasi masing masing azzah)

Dabria · 9 answers · 10mo

Seminggu ini dah nangis belum?

Natasha · 5 answers · 10mo

How do you cope with sadness?

Embrace kesedihanku sampai muak terus nangis (biasanya) habis itu baru haha hihi lagi (jeda 5 menit) terus tidur ☺️🥦

Gia · 15 answers · 10mo

Suggest me some Netflix series or movies pleaseeee

Girl from Nowhere, The Interest of Love, So Not Worth It, The Big 4, Fear Street Trilogy.

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