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Hunter Archibald. asked about 2 months ago · 6 answers

Kenapa ya obat tidur tuh pick me banget? Masa dibawanya harus pelan-pelan, biar gak kebangun. Apa banget kan?

Seth. asked about 2 months ago · 12 answers

happy 123123. i hope you're loved under today's clear sky, i hope kindness and tenderness will reach you wherever you might be. i'm so grateful for the fate that brought us together this year and i wish to spend another year with you. thank you for reaching this far even when you never intended to, even when the sea is stormy and your ship is shaky, even when it has wasted so much of your tears. i wish you well, always.

This might be super late, but I wish the same thing goes to you as well, Adek. May 2024 be a little kinder to us. It means a lot, thank you!

Wanderer asked 3 months ago

Do you have a bucin phase when you badly in love?

I believe I am the type that will fell harder once the relationship started.. so, yes, I do. Itʼs weird for me to answer this by myself but Iʼd do anything to make my partner feel loved. (Literally anything)

Hunter Archibald. asked 3 months ago · 8 answers

Bakso beranak lahiran nya normal atau caesar ya?

Hunter Archibald. asked 3 months ago · 6 answers

Ngomongin kunci, kunci inggris bisa dipake buat ngunci orang malaysia gak?

Bisanya dipake buat ngunci tangan lu Chie, terus tinggal masuk jeruji besi aja.

Wanderer asked 3 months ago

Mana pacarnya

Wanderer asked 4 months ago

would you tell us a fact of yours that everyone didn't know?

🐈‍⬛ asked 3 months ago · 17 answers

Hi, boleh saranin aku nama buat peliharaanku yang baru pls 🥺

Izzy asked 3 months ago · 5 answers

I’m getting a bit curious. What are your first impression of me when we first met (if you remember) and what is your current impression of me? 🤓

You're very proactive and fun (willingly to initiated the topics everytime the group chat was quiet), terus apa lagi ya? Banyak temennya.. keren.. ramah.. tidak sombong.. rajin menabung.. berbakti kepada orang tua..

Izzy asked 3 months ago · 6 answers

Would you rather have to tell a secret to your nemesis or your parents and why?

I'd rather tell a secret to my parents because I know they are my safest place since day one. To think about it again, I don't think telling a secret to my nemesis would be a good idea? What if they use my information to do something bad?

Hunter Archibald. asked 4 months ago · 4 answers

What's the biggest lie you’ve told to someone?

Izzy asked 4 months ago

Thoughts on me dong butuh validasi (boong tp bener)

I perceive you as someone who's serious with your own doings (either it is related to academic or else), and for me it's still very admirable even though we already know each other for more than 3 years I guess?? You're the one friend that I'll cherish for a long long time, who's always been there through the ups and downs. Thank you for being a good friend of mine, Kat.

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