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Someone · 10mo

I still wish we’re still friends. I hope life treats you good.

Of course, we are. It doesn’t matter we talk or not, the place I gave you in my heart will always remain the same. Kalau butuh apa-apa you know where to find me, and amen to that. Hope it applies to you as well.

Alice. · 6 answers · 10mo

Tell me your all time favorite movie and why?

Not exactly a movie but a short animation called; The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. They created an unexpected friendship and share truths about life as they search for a home. Worth the watch.

Xav · 11 answers · 10mo

Gm, pilih ketoprak apa bubur ayam?

Cecil · 11mo

Daily check: masih pengen terjun gak hari ini? Kalau masih, kenapa?

Cecil · 11mo

Testimoni suka dukanya jadi admin dong? 😂 Jadi penasaran.

Cecil · 11mo

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb. How long can we be a sad song till we went too far, gone to bring back to life?

Alice. · 11mo

Hi, Marshall! If you could have a dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be? And why?

Hi, Alice! My go to person for questions of this type would always be Choi Beomgyu. It’s something I’ve often daydreamed about, lol. That man has so much in his head and is so good at sharing it. Sitting down to dinner with him would be both chatty and hilarious.

Cecil · 11mo

Minta consentnya dulu, boleh gak kalau di spam balik?

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