I do accept all kind of questions, but please always be mindful.

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Sh. · 2 answers · 25d

Is there anything that pops up in your mind when you see the moon?

Do they ever feel lonely, trying to shine in the cold and dark night every single day? How do they stay so strong?

Dandelions · 1mo

Anggi, boleh kasih rekomen buku puisi ngga? Aku lagi suka baca-baca buku puisi soalnya. Terima kasih!

Hello! Sejujurnya lagi jarang baca buku, terutama buku puisi t_t But I do remember loving Rangoli by Pavana Reddy! The theme is finding home in a place you’re not familiar with. Oh, sama aku lagi senang baca 아침의 피아노, it’s in full Hangul dan kayaknya bukan puisi semuanya… tapi isinya sangat wise dan bikin aku berdamai dengan pikiran sendiri hehe. I hope this helps!

Dandelions · 2mo

Anggi always be happy, ya! Glad to seing your smile, that's warming my heart.

Just saw this inquiry on my question box, and it made my day. Thank you so much, Anon! Hope the same goes to you as well. You too, deserve happiness!🤍

Jethro. · 10 answers · 4mo

Thoughts on Jethro?

He’s such a caring friend, one of my 911(s). I wish he could see that he’s worthy of any love and deserves to be taken care of.

Callysta. · 9 answers · 5mo

Hi-hello, Callysta's precious souls! May I know what you guys think about me? Feed my ego please. 🥺 And well, thank you 🫐 muchies! <3

Dandelions · 5mo

kalo udah punya pacar gini, bakal masih rent bfr ga?

Retoris. 😅 Pertanyaannya, maksudnya. Padahal saya sudah tulis di bio “please be mindful” coba pikirkan lagi, ada mindful-nya gak pertanyaan ini? ☺️

Salazar Cedric · 12 answers · 5mo

Lagi apa please let me know.

Salazar Cedric · 16 answers · 5mo

Kalian lebih prefer pacaran sama temen atau pacaran lewat kenalan sama orang baru?

Kenalan sama orang baru yang jadi teman setelahnya. Jadi ya sama aja sama temen sih ya. 🤣 Tapi prinsipku, pacarku adalah sahabatku. 😎

Vivie · 8 answers · 6mo

long time no see. one word for the end of this year?

Not a word.. but thank you for holding on, everyone. Wishing ourselves a tender and warm end of the year upon us.

Sh. · 10 answers · 7mo

Would you rather lose someone you love or lose yourself?

Banyu. · 17 answers · 7mo

Kalo kalian cuma bisa makan SATU varian mi instan seumur hidup, varian apa yang akan kalian pilih?

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