garden fairy

blooming flowers through the beauty within.

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Joshua · 4 answers · 9mo

Heeeeey (I haven’t opened Retrospring in two months rizz)

Iyis. · 2 answers · 10mo

tell me your 3 favorite moviesssss!!!!!

tinkerbell · 10mo

What do you usually do when you're bored?

tinkerbell · 10mo

Have you ever listened to J-Pop?

tinkerbell · 10mo

Do you want to know more about history?

100% sure i'll end up fall asleep while learning abt history but i'd sure love to know more about it

tinkerbell · 10mo

What is your favourite animal?


tinkerbell · 10mo

Have you ever pet a rat?

tinkerbell · 10mo

What is the worst thing ever?

yoru · 9 answers · 1y

Do you have a stomachache in the morning for almost every single day or are you just simply unsexy?

yoru · 8 answers · 1y

Are you the type of person who cooks something simple when you’re lazy or you’ll just starve yourself?

depends on my mood tbh. if i wana be a chef then i'll cook but if im too lazy to step out of my room then i'll just starve myself or order something online

yoru · 9 answers · 1y

Are you leaning on the sweet or savory side?

yoru · 9 answers · 1y

Midnight tricky question. Since we have a lot of instant noodle brands with different tastes and all.. give me your go to slash top three instant noodle brands.

yoru · 5 answers · 1y

If you’re in a zombie apocalypse, will you dress comfortably to survive or wear something ‘slaaay bitch we’re all gonna die anyway’?

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