yoru asked 10 months ago · 8 answers

Are you the type of person who cooks something simple when you’re lazy or you’ll just starve yourself?

depends on my mood tbh. if i wana be a chef then i'll cook but if im too lazy to step out of my room then i'll just starve myself or order something online

Is it bad that I tend to starve myself because I’m too lazy to get up from bed most of the time to make something to eat... It’s not, right..

i love to experiment! it sounds silly but i often watch cooking hacks or tips and develip my cooking skill from there. there's always a good and bad days but hey i think i did alright. so definitely cook, even if its any simple or complicated! :3

I'll cook something simple hahaha, because my tummy is numero uno.

I'm the kind of person who usually procrastinate to eat but never in works or tasks. So I think it'd be the latter and proceed to eat when I started getting dizzy hahaha

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