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Dami · 3mo

What is your coping mechanism, Naomi?

Ben · 3mo

Mauu dong thought on bebeng!

BEBENGGGGGG. bebeng you are the definition of the word "wholesome", bener bener the type who would put others before themselves. dari awal kenal bebeng, you've been nothing but nice to me and i really appreciate it. sayang bebeng banyak banyak. jangan lupa obatin luka kamu yang tadi ya

Zenziro · 3mo

Say something to me?

thank you for being the bestest big bro ever. thank you for listening to my random stories and rants. i really enjoy talking to you daily so please stay with nyom forever, kak. i really treasure you. <3

anonymous bros · 3mo

What is your honest opinion on Karen Austad Christensen, Hilde Stenseng and Ingrid Helle?

Salazar Cedric · 16 answers · 3mo

Kalian lebih prefer pacaran sama temen atau pacaran lewat kenalan sama orang baru?

Jase · 12 answers · 3mo

Tell me your opinion about Jase!

you're a friendly guy yang beneran bisa hang out with everyone, penyabar juga cause not everyone can handle my weird and random ass. despite the loud and playful exterior, i feel like you have a lot of scars and unresolved problems within you that you never really share with anyone. sehat sehat terus org aneh. jangan suka tiba tiba dm org trs curhat kebelet berak.

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