Lorrie · 18 answers · 1y

How do you cope with loneliness?

i reach out everyone around me! Everyone! And sometimes i take the time to love myself too. (Most of times, i forgot to prioritise myself tbh)

Walkey or talkey with my friends. Tapi kalo lagi ga pengen ngobrol / males bepergian biasanya aku bawa tidur aja kesepian ini cihuy ^3^

first of all, are you okay… but i usually cope by watching heartwarming movies - this is by far the easiest one. i’d reconnect with my family too but i understand if not everyone could be as lucky as i am. EIIIITHER WAY, you wanna talk?

Hard to answer this but I usually trying to find what I like that can accompany for the rest days.

By watching the unfinished series or movie on my watch list..? Or just, writing. I don’t know but it really does suffocate me if I choose to stay still and try to bury the loneliness down to the ground without doing anything. I’m probably trying to keep myself as busy as possible so the feelings will fall apart.

Looking for new movies/series to watch, asking for a friend’s companion, sleeping without getting interrupted

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